Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Days 1, 2, 3 {weightloss}

So let me just start off by saying THANK YOU for actually being here right now and reading this. Most of the time I actually blog it's because I just wanna get stuff off my mind, upload photos to save forever, and try to make myself accountable for my actions by tracking what I do every second of the day! Which right now includes what I eat. I am trying to lose weight for the third time and today is day 3. 

Let me tell you about my strategy. I have obviously thought about weight watchers. But honestly, I cant even afford to join online right now. Its like $60 to sign up for three months and with that, they waive the joining fee which is an extra $28. Yeah right? So then, I tried to "understand" how to just do WW and I even downloaded the free (droid) phone application but it has bad reviews, bugs, and keeps freezing my phone. So I deleted it. Then - I decided Im just gonna do it how I always have...

By counting my calories! And although I've never counted my calories on a "regular" non-dieting day. Im guessing they are pretty high-- considering I usually eat fast food, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, and french fries. While filling up on juice and soda! Not that I dont love fruits and veggies, because I do. But throwing a pizza in the oven or grilling something up in 5 minutes is much easier than preparing fresh, healthy, foods. Especially when I go to school in the morning and work all day/night. By the time I come home, the last thing I want to do is stand in the kitchen and cook for a half hour. S I guess, not only am I "on a diet" but I am living another lifestyle, lol.  

Besides counting calories I am being more aware of what I put in my mouth. One easy way of doing this (which sucks but Im getting used to) is preparing snacks and meals ahead of time. For example, before I sat down (here) for the night - I made my lunch for tomorrow, which is a big delicious salad, and I set aside some watermelon & strawberries for a snack, and some oatmeal for breakfast. I'll be at work for breakfast, lunch, and snacking so that's why its easier for me to prepare ahead of time. That keeps me from running to Mcdonalds next door or filling up on Starbucks coffee or Monster energy drinks which I love!! On a typical "non-diet" day I would normally skip breakfast, drink a coffee or an energy drink, probably skip lunch, then come home at night and eat like two grilled cheese, eight chicken nuggets, and two big ass glasses of soda. I dont wanna be that way anymore. I run out of energy, I am lazy, and needless to say in the past ten years I have put on sixty to seventy pounds that way. 

Now a days, I have either oatmeal, eggs (scrambled or boiled), or yogurt for breakfast. I have fruit (like strawberries, apple & peanut butter, or watermelon) for snacks. And when I come home for dinner I have something full of protein, like chicken with some fresh veggies. I am trying to make my portions smaller. And staying away from as much bread and potatoes as I can stand. I absolutely love them so its hard. I've managed to drink water at work, I just throw a green tea packet in there and its delicious. I hate, hate, hate water. I can almost literally not even drink it. But the green tea helps cause I dont like crystal light either. Im a picky eater and drinker ;)

I also signed up to MyFitnessPal to help track what I eat. They have an awesome phone app that has a barcode scanner for easy tracking. They told me I should be eating about 1600 calories per day but so far, Ive been way under. My first short term goal is to lose 20 lbs and be down around 250. That would make me happy. I cant remember the last time I was 250. I was close last year when I lost 18 lbs, but not right on target.

Day 1 - weighed in at 270 lbs ate 1334 calories of 1610 calories allowed.
Day 2 - weighed in at 271 lbs ate 1077 calories of 1610 calories allowed.
Day 3 - weighted in at 268 lbs ate 1014 calories of 1610 calories allowed.

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