Sunday, February 26, 2012

The {Bestie's} Birthday!

Celebration & Relaxation!
So this weekend marked my {youngest} best friend's 25th birthday. So we decided to start celebrating early. Enjoy some pictures and a short description of our two weekend adventure.....

 Me and James are both similar in the way that we are happy with little things in life - like going for a long, pointless, endless drive, blasting and singing at the top of our longs to Nicki Minaj makes us happy!! Work hard - play harder. Just like me, James' works fulltime and goes to school three days a week. So by the time Friday comes we just wanna wind down and set our mind at ease. Luckily for me, my husband grew up with James so the adores him and doesn't mind me getting away for the weekend. So last Saturday we decided to go on a "daycation". We rented a room at Andover's La Quinta Inn & Suites. For those not from the area, Andover is a classier, nicer, part of where I come from in Massachusetts - so of course we automatically just assumed the hotel would reflect that. Ahhhh.... no!

We show up and it is like a mexican resort. No offense to Mexico. But everything was mexican, or spanish. The people, the writing on the walls, the signs, the food, the sheets!  Not to mention for dinner, all we had to do was walk through the parking lot to Chili's!! It was only James and I so we got to enjoy a nice, big, room with two queen size beds. We stayed up late, and slept even later. Check out (abnormally) wasn't until noon so that was awesome. 

We wanted to hit up the jacuzzi and pool, but every time we checked there were like 400 little booger children, probably pissing away, so we ditched and just watched t.v. instead. It was kind of a waste of money, but whatever, we had fun.

Then, this weekend I wanted to do something nice for James. Since he's always going out of his way for me. While contemplating renting another hotel, lucky for me, my aunt Eileen works at Rockport Inn & Suites (in Rockport, Ma - one of the most beautiful coastal places on the planet) so we got an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G deal that I just couldnt resist. I invited our friend Molly along with her boyfriend Kevin too.

My family grew up in Rockport and I've spent a few good amount of past times there so I was happy to drive (James' brand new car) and give them a little scenic tour before checking in. We also had dinner (wish I had a picture) at this cute little roastbeef/sub shop that was set up in a little old diner. Pretty much nothing else was open. Being that it's right on the coast, a lot of places there are only open during the summer, or earlier in the day. 

Once we got to the hotel - it was GORGEOUS. It wasnt your typical hotel. It was very cute and cozy. We got right into our bathing suites and jumped in the jacuzzi. We probably sat in there for about a half hour before treading water in the pool for an hour. Then back into the jacuzzi. It felt sooooo good. Then we just hung out in the room all night, watching The Bodyguard and drinking Mr. Mike's black cherry and having some strawberry daquiries. 

{One thing I must admit - the whole entire weekend I did not count calories. And that is when I pretty much told myself that I am out of control. When I am out in public, or amidst the company of other people, I just cannot resist slipping into my old ways. For dinner I had a steak bomb and fries with a soda. And I sucked down that alcohol like no tomorrow until I fell asleep. I am actually pretty ashamed of myself. And as soon as I am done with this entry I am going to log onto Myfitness Pal to count up!}

Anyways -  we had an amazing weekend and until our next adventure in a couple weeks to Foxwoods Resort & Casino - I just wanted to document this and share my photos with the world....

{ Again, Happy 25th Birthday James!! }

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