Friday, June 3, 2011

Fat Chic, Lil' Bikini

It's summer time. Some of us start buying swim wear before the sun even peaks out in spring time, as soon as the bikinis hit the racks. Then, the other half of us struggle to find one that fits our curves and looks appropriate enough to wear out in public.

I spent a majority of my last three years on Hampton Beach while I lived there. Before that, I would hardly ever step foot on the beach, I'd prefer a private pool to show off my cellulite thighs rather than amongst thousands of hundred pound women who have less than an inch of fat on their bones. The scrutiny that women endure while just trying to have a good time is horrible and it puts most of us in fear. I started with a pair of shorts and a tank top, then upgraded to a "tankini" with a pair of booty shorts, and I will often wear a cover up or a sun dress until I tan or swim and am comfortable enough to rip it off infront of everyone. But it's said that practice makes perfect. And after enough times out on the beach, with friends and family, and having such an accepting husband I finally feel proud enough to wear whatever I want, wherever I want without worrying or carrying what other people think when they look at me. I am who I am, accept it.

Given, every woman has body images and insecurities but plus size women have to deal with them in more of a negative light. We have all been on the beach, at the lake, or pool side when a larger woman has walked up wearing something skimpy and we "ooohed" and "ahhhhed" saying, "oh no she didnt!?" I have shaken my head at a few instances as well, and I am well over 200 lbs. But there have also been those other times that I have looked at another large woman and thought to myself, "she looks cute. And good for her for having the confidence to wear that!" It's empowering!

At what point in our society will we all finally just accept that over weight or obese women can also be beautiful? I'm not saying that it is necessarily healthy, but to each their own, right? We all have opinions and we are all going to judge one another in some form, but maybe it's best to keep those negative judgements to ourselves. It's beach time. We are going to see anorexic women, healthy women, chunky women, and obese women on the beach wearing whatever they want. My thought is that no matter what size you are, do not be embaressed. Be proud. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and sexy. Don't cover up for the sake of others. Don't put that bikini back on the rack if that is what you truly want. And I am not just saying this because I am plus size myself and expect the same type of treatment. Because my personality, and my outlook on people will never change. When I finally do lose 100 lbs I am still going to look at other women the same and root for them no matter what size they are!

I came across an artist on, his name is Lardmeister and he has some awesome work that I just wanted to share with you. Enjoy.


  1. I agree! but you know what I hate? I wear shorts at the pool/beach (until a couple years ago I wore a shirt too) and I get comments all the time to take them off (now the shorts) or questions "WHY are you wearing shorts, you need more confidence!" well. I wear shorts because its more COMFORTABLE for me. I would feel so strange without them that I wouldn't be enjoying myself and since going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do, I don't want to ruin it!

  2. I have not been to a beach in a few years and we have a pool in our back yard so me and my bathing suit are on private terms. I would wear it out in public though, because I belive there are all kinds of people, being shapes and sizes of course. Oh yeah I would have a cover up on over the suit. lol


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