Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Food Today, Gone Tomorrow.

7 Day Detox Diet... here I come! Thanks to Miss Haneefa over at Black Girl Gets Fit who just finished her seven day detox diet losing a total of fourteen pounds {14 lbs - yes! That's right} Anyways, I found her post during her 2nd day and followed her all the way through, asking many of questions, and then ofcourse researching for myself & making the decision last week to start tomorrow.

I chose tomorrow (which is Wednesday) because it was the first day back to work after my 5 day mini fourth of July vacation. Also, I will be working 10 hours (8am-6pm) so it'll be easy to keep food out of my mouth while I'm busy at work on the go-go-go. I am worried that I wont have alot of energy though, but the detox diet only consists of days 1 and 2 with only fluids, then days 3 on you can incorporate brown rice, fruits, and veggies into your meals. I'm more worried now about how I'll do on Thursday because I'm out of work at 2pm which makes it an early day for me... but I guess I'll just take it one day at a time.

If you are worried that this is a diet where "people starve themselves" or that its a "fad diet" and is just a waste of time, I don't care. Not only do I want to lose fourteen pounds {ha ha} but it also cleanses your body of all sugars and other unnecessary chemicals in there, given you do it correctly. If you wanna know full details about the 7 Day Detox Diet then Google it!!!!!

As for right now, I just stuffed my face with a pita bread full of chicken breast, sharp cheddar cheese, and lettuce, as well as some tortilla chips and salsa. We went grocery shopping today, knowing that I was going to do this Diet I should have gotten more fruits and fresh vegetables but we were kind of poor so I didn't have much to spend.  And I wasnt 100% sure I would even follow through. But hey, whats 7 days anyways, right? Here's what we did get though.....

Lots of delicious berries; strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. A salad mix {and I have another one in the fridge} some cranberry muffins, organic flax cereal {which is delicious} some pita bread, cool whip for dessert, red, yellow, and green peppers, and some frozen veggies.

For dessert I opted out of something chocolatey and frozen {did weight watcher pops last week} and decided to grab a box of cereal, cool whip, and fresh berries to quench my thirst. It was delicious. Anyways, back to the 7 Day Detox Diet....

I respect your opinion {mainly speaking to friends and family on facebook who will be commenting like crazy and keeping up with my bitching during the process} but.... if you are only going to give me negative feedback about this diet please keep it to yourself. I understand that you might think it is unhealthy, or not good for me, but to be honest - I've seen people do alot worse. I have friends who literally have anorexia and have starved themselves just to be skinny. I know Pastors who have gone 40 days without hard foods and just drank liquids to fast for God, and I even know muslims who don't eat until it's dark out. So it's okay. 2 days of liquids and 5 days of fruits and vegetables will be GOOD FOR ME! I promise :) Love ya <3


  1. make sure your blood sugar doesn't go too low or you will start to feel dizzy and sick. Not good for work. lol Good Luck.

  2. I'm all for detox and cleanses. This one looks GREAT. Let me know how it goes!!!


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