Thursday, July 7, 2011

Detox - Day 2

Failure. Well... for the most part I did very well, I went almost two complete days without any food; only drinking water & green tea. At one point during work today I was soooooo hungry, my stomach was growling so badly it almost hurt! But all I could think about was the dissapointment of my friends, family, and readers if I couldn't pull this detox off 100% then I ate one friggin almond. I figured one tiny piece of food would fufill me enough to stop the hungry till tomorrow. Fail!

I just had a realization! OMG! I had a really rough day today. I wonder if subconciously I needed to eat something to make me HAPPY and get me through the day? Know what I mean? Not that at any point today did I think, "wow, what a shitty day, I need to eat and feel better." But was I really hungry (or was it an emotional thing?) I mean, my stomach was absolutely growling and I felt almost starved to death, but I'm sure my emotions played into it a tiny bit.

Recap; I worked 11 hours yesterday {in a stressfull, high volume, retail pharmacy mind you} and wanting to hop in my truck and leave the parking lot my car wouldnt start. I had to have a co-worker give me a jump start, then I had to drive my best friend home, needless to say I didn't get home till 8 pm. So I had literally been gone 13 hours. I was so busy at work yesterday that not eating was simple, and when I got home, I had enough will power to continue on. I went to bed around 10, watched some MTV, felt kind of funny. I was energized during the day, but once it got later into the evening I felt a little dizzy, kind of drunk-like. So I drank a glass of gatorade {to replenish my electrolites} and eventually fell asleep. I had a very strange dream. I actually dreamt (long story short) that because of my detox, I was hallucinating. And that I didn't wake up for work and ended up going in 6 hours later.

So this morning my husband woke me up (he wakes up at 4 am to get ready for work) so I only got about 5 hours of sleep. When I left the house at 7 to head off to work.... surprise! Surprise! My car wouldnt start. I struggled to get back into my apartment because the lock sucks and it needs to be changed. My cell phone is off till I pay the bill tomorrow so only because I borrowed my bestie's spare phone could I text. I had to beg my mother to drive me, which was a project all in itself. She loves to help me, with anything, any time, don't get me wrong - but it was really early, she had no gas, and I work about 20 minutes away up the highway. I arrived at work late, I ended up spilling my Green Tea all over myself, and the rest of the day just went awkwardly for me. My father in law's wife (who is actually a life long family friend Melonie) ended up picking me up and when I got home all I wanted to do was eat.

I struggled for hours not to eat. Finally, my husband got home from work, a neighbor ended up giving us a brand new battery for my truck. And I finally gave in and made a salad. So in the past two days I have eaten one little chunk of cheese, an almond, and a tiny salad. But I failed my liquid 2-day part of the Detox Diet. And I'm dissapointed in myself. And even worse, I'm too honest of a person not to admit it in my blog LOL So what's my plan now? I still have 5 days left of the detox diet. Tomorrow I wille at fruit all day, continue drinking water, and green tea. And on Saturday I will oncorporate (maybe some rice but I doubt it) and vegetables into my meals. And continue fresh fruit and veggies until Wednesday and see how I do. No carbs. No extra stuff.

{ Here's a picture of my chicken salad today - a chicken patty over a bed of salad with fresh red and green peppers and half an apple cut up in chunks. And probably the best green tea I've ever had }

So far though, I am down 1 pound from yesterday :)
Day 1 - 267 lbs and Day 2 - 266 lbs 
I just hope that I didn't ruin my entire detox from failing today, ahhhhhh we'll see!

In the meantime, I've been working hard on my blog. I used to be a web & graphic designer working from home, and actually owned a few websites ( & ) but sold them when the whole myspace extravaganza died down. So I am very skilled when it comes to layouts and stuff, but.... my desktop and just recently my laptop crashed and I lost all my programs so now I cannot be as creative as I want to, or used to be. So I aint satisfied with this layout or any of my blog's set up. But - I just redid all the sections in my top navigation link bar. So check them out, and right now I am working on my meal's page.

{ As you can tell I am rambling like crazy tonight, sorry, talk to you tomorrow, on day 3 } Muah!


  1. Cleanses are brutal. It's almost like they set you up to fail. Maybe you just need a different kind of cleanse that has more options. Find something that works for YOU. Keep trying until you find one that'll prevent you from feeling so hungry. They ARE out there. Being hungry sucks.

  2. Don't be disappointed in your self. Fasting is a very hard thing to do. Plus you had a really long day with very little sleep. You probably did better than I would have done.

    So you have experience in web design...looks like a found me a new BFF;-) I do like the look of your page. I checked out picnik and I love it! Thanks!

  3. Don't be too down on yourself. You are still and it and just keep trucking!

  4. Thank you SO much girls, I really appreciate you guys checking out my blog and ESPECIALLY giving me words of inspiration :) Its nice to have other people to root you on.

    Im giving up the detox diet today though. Although I think Id probably be able to continue on just fruits and veggies for another 5 days, my husband did the grocery shopping on his own today while I was at work and bought absolutely ALL the wrong things. So looks like Im gonna be eating alot of turkey and salad this week.

    I am though, going to continue on AS MUCH fruits and veggies as I can on a daily basis, and as much water and green tea as I can stand. Cuz I truely believe this is whats helping me. While trying to eat less of everything else!!!!

    We'll see what happens....


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