Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Week, Thursday.

A short little "up to date" recap on my life, this week.
Sunday, the husband and I went out together and did laundry. Although I am a very productive house wife - and have o.c.d so everything in my house is perfectly clean and in it's place... laundry and dishes are his duties. So this was the first time, in a long time, that I had actually gone out to help him. Our apartment building does have a laundry unit that you use a sort-of prepaid debit card to do it, but my husband (who loses everything and blames it on me) has lost the card and so we had to go to a local laundromat instead. I basically didn't do anything to be honest, except sit there and look pretty while playing on my phone and reading Cosmopolitan. When we got home we spent some much needed hubby and wife time together watching movies and eating. We rented Just Go With It and I Love You, Philip Morris. I did not know that I Love You Philip Morris (with Jim Carey) was a "gay" movie, so while we were watching it I felt kind of embaressed for my husband during some of the more romantic/intimate scenes haha! Just Go With It (with Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler) was hilarrrrioooousss and I would watch it again tomorrow if you asked!

Monday I worked a long day at the pharmacy, it was cold and rainy, and I didn't care to be working nine hours because the weather sucked anyways. Plus, I work alongside my bff James and have some other great co-workers to shoot the shit with anyways. Tuesday, I worked all day again but was happy to get out two hours earlier than I did on Monday. So I came home and rented a few movies from the Red Box ( which is f_cking awesome.) I got Red Riding Hood (with Amanda Sigfreid - which I had seen in the theater.) My husband thought it was boring and kept falling asleep so ofcourse during exciting parts I would shout in amazement or shock and try to purposely wake him up "by accident" which worked. But once James was out of work; him, Molly, and Ryan came and picked me up. It was about 7 pm. They are from New Hampshire (and I am back in Mass now) so they are unfamiliar with places around here. I took them to Building 19 which is like a broken down department store. Where, if Im right - get their stuff from train wrecks and other various, malicious, accidents. Some stuff they have is worth buying, others not so much, but its all super cheap. It's more so just a fun place to go and look around and laugh. After shopping around in there I took them to this sub shop I used to work at next door, called DJs Roast Beef. They are known in the town for having like 20 foot subs for like $6 and they are delicious. We all put our money together and got a large italian sub, large chicken finger sub, a small pizza, and mozzarella sticks. By this time it was a little past nine and we went in sat at the stadium on the bleachers. It was dark there and kind of spooky, but with friends - its all worth it, isnt it. We had a great time!

Wednesday was nothing exciting, again, I worked all day, came home and did my little internet, dinner, clean the house, sort of thing. Today though - I had the day off. So I spent the morning lounging by the pool. I like that kids are not out of school yet, so barely anyone is there, its quiet, and its peaceful. I listened to my music on my MyTouch smart phone and took a quick dip.

When I got home from the pool - I super cleaned my house. My husband has been so lazy this week that we had three bags of trash that needed to be put togehter and tied up. I did it holding my nose and holding back the vomit. One of the bags was from Sunday after grocery shopping when I had cleaned out the fridge. The smell was horrid and there were tiny fruit flies. I wanted to kill him! 

Once my stomach came back from nausea hell, I made lunch. Let me just say that the whole point of me to start blogging again was to LOSE WEIGHT. And in the past week or two that Ive been blogging, I havent even eat that much different. Although I did cut out soda, and went a whole week just having salad for dinner, I haven't gotten to the point yet where I am making concious decisions or calorie counting. But, for the record, when my weight loss challenge starts in a few weeks I will be doing so!!!! Anyways, back to lunch. I ended up refrying some leftover hamburger which I added fresh red & green peppers (my favorite food accessory with anything and everything) and I even cut up a few hot peppers and threw them in, then melted some pepperjack cheese. When it was done - I put it ontop of some romain lettuce and rolled it all up. It was delicious, and greasy :(

Last but not least today, I gave myself a new mani and pedi. I decided to use a hot pink base with black and white zebra stripes ( kind of camo looking which I love ) and a glittery gloss to coat it. I love the way it came out and can't wait to wear a cute pink outfit and go out in public now.

Now, I have to take a quick shower and get ready. I have a Dr's appointment with my Cystic Fibrosis specialist in Boston ( a check up that I dread ) I will keep you updated. Thanks for reading <3

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