Saturday, June 11, 2011

Destination: Nowhere. With Friends.

Some of the best memories I have with friends are times when we've just got in the car with no destination and ended up on a wild adventure! My best friend James is infamous for spontaneous, non-planned trips. And my other friend Ryan, is usually the one who brings us there. This was Ryan's first four day "mini vacation" in a long time, so we couldn't let it go wasted. Although I tried to bribe James into attending PRIDE (gay pride parade and celebration) he told me, "i dont stand for what "gay" is and has become. Thousands of gay people are flooding into Boston to find someone to take home. Thats it.. I'd rather stay home or DIE. Thank you!"  For those of you who were quick to be offended by that statement, James himself, is GAY! And so is Ryan! So clearly, I thought gay pride day would be fun, apparently not....

Instead the boys came and picked me up and we decided; Destination: Nowhere.

We drove to Reading, Ma which is further out towards Boston. We decided to go to the I-Max theater at Jordan's Furniture to see the movie SUPER 8. Ofcourse the whole car ride consists of (seatbelts choking me and suffocating my breasts) jamming out the radio and singing at the top of our lungs, and making a few wrong turns because the GPS/Navigation lady is a few seconds delayed, lol.
Here is the movie trailer for SUPER 8 - which was an incredible movie!!

Before the movie though, James was just staaarved, so hungry that he probably believed that if he didnt eat soon he would die. Luckily, Fuddrucker's is located in the same building, so we stopped there. It was delicious. You stand in line, order your burger, have a seat, when your number is called go up and grab your stuff and like buffet style you put the pickles, lettuce, etc on. The burgers are huge. And the fries were delicious. They were crispy on the outside and mooshy on the inside, just the way I like them :)

It was funny because there were alot of mirrors in the resteraunt. Ryan kept getting illusionized. After a few minutes after looking into mirror after mirror around us, he started to not know what was "real life" anymore.

Besides walking through a humongous furniture store  before hitting the I-Max theater (which seats 500 people and when we bought the tickets 348 were sold already) there is a light show, which I am bummed I didnt get pictures of, and a trapeeze show, where you can pay money and do yourself with the pro's ofcourse. As well as a few other little candy shops and ice cream stops.

The picture below, everything is made out of jelly beans!!!!

(James and Ryan on the left and me with the boys on the Right)

After the movie it was about 6 p.m., we were about a half an hour away from home, in a far away land we had never been to. We asked Mrs. GPS where the nearest Friendly's was, because ofcourse, our adventure was about to come to an end, and we refused. So.... we drove into Stoneham, Ma. Acting a fool and came upon this tiny little Friendly's that looked like it had once been a fire station. The line was out the door and we sarcasticly joked with a few people waiting, then took off embaressed (I am infamous for saying horrible things infront of other people to embaress my friends haha.) We ended up in Lawrence, a ghetto city near our home town, where we sat down in their local Friendly's. Although, it should have been called "Bitchies" because absolutely EVERY waitress in that place was a douche. We joked to ourselves, and a little outloud about how horrid the girls in there were acting, and ofcourse ordered ourselves an icecream, a fribble, ate, laughed, then took off.

( James and I sharing a strawberry fribble <3 )

We barely wanted the night to end, but with nothing else to do, and Ryan having a bad stomach ache from eating his burger "rare" we all decided to go home. Ofcourse, tomorrow is Sunday, and the third out of fourth day off that he has, and once again I am sure we will find something else to do....... until then.... muah!

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