Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day by Day

I haven't really "felt" like I'm on any sort of diet or like I've changed my way of eating. Which really gets me down - because I want the change to be so drastic that it's all I think about and that Im so proud of. But what I have been doing is just making smaller, healthier, choices day by day.

When we went grocery shopping over the weekend I opted for more healthier drinks, snacks, and foods for meals rather than the fast & easy to cook pizzas, french fries, and soda. And so far, pretty much every day this week I have made great meal choices.

Stonyfield Smoothies - which come in all sorts of flavors; berry, mixed berry, strawberry, strawberry-banana and more. They are 200 calories each which seems like alot but considering I do not eat breakfast in the morning it works for me. I just focus more on looking beautiful so I dont have enough time to eat a bowl of cereal or cook me some eggs.... its great to grab and drink on the go, or what I do when Im thirsty in the morning at the pharmacy. It's just like a more liquidy, milky, yogurt.

V8 Fusion Light - which also comes in all sorts of flavors. To be honest, I havent indulged in this drink much this week since I bought it. Normally I would have it with breakfast or lunch but considering Ive been working alot of day shifts I haven't even had a sip yet. But my husband loves it and  and its low in calories as well.

Silk Light Chocolate Milk - I love chocolate milk and because I was on my period when I went grocery shopping I just had to get some. This is something new to me and I was worried about the taste. But it tastes great. And it is only 90 calories for an 8 oz cup so you cant go wrong or feel guilty :)

Gatorade - The only choice I made this week that had no calories at all. I drink this when I come home from work and sit down to watch some tv. In a big glass with ice, rather than the usual soda. It's a great alternative and it also replenishes your electrolytes, thats why alot of athletes choose it.

WW Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pops - These are only 80 calories per pop and a great replacement for ice cream or a chocolate fixing in the middle of the night! This has been my dessert after dinner almost every day this week... eeeeek! But I very rarely every buy chocolate or snacks or icecream for that matter so this was a little reward to myself for once.


Salad, Onions, and Peppers - Absolutely my favorite food accessory! You can pretty much add onions and peppers to any meal. I have them in my egg omelette in the morning, I put them in my sandwich for lunch, and I have them with any meal for dinner. Sliced red and green peppers are also good for snacking on with a little bit of dip for lunch or on the go in a container. And ofcourse, salad is a great side dish for anything after noon time! Although lettuce has no nutritional value, the darker the greens, the better antioxidants for you, and onions and peppers have pretty much NO calories so that's a plus!


Strawberries and Grapes - I like to mix up my fruits alot. I get bored with just eating one of something, and I get tired of seeing the same thing week after week. This week I went for grapes and strawberries. I brought them to work with me every day to snack on and they also did a great job quenching my thirst! Next week I might do some melon and berries.

Ciabbata Rolls - I just love carbs :(  And so far I can't seem to give them up. But I do have an idea to cut them out of my diet, which Ill touch base on in a few more paragraphs. But for now.... every day this week I have had turkey breast, jalapeno cheese, and sprouts on a ciabbata roll for lunch at work. Easy to make and tastes delicious. A few times I threw some jalapeno spread on there to boost my metabolism, and one day I had my home made chicken salad on a wheat wrap instead. And I just love all crunchy things - so chips and salsa is also my favorite side dish for lunch. I'd like to try and get away from chips altogether, but it just hasnt happened for me yet. Like I said people, day by day, small, healthier, choices. And eventually I will get it all right!

A customer at work did buy us two boxes of chocolates, which out of 100 pieces I probably had ten. Which then made my stomach hurt and I regret eating them. Not ten at once either, this is a span of about 4 days. Anyways - then I had to get my hubby McDonalds for dinner and I chose not to eat any, which was great mind control for me, that was VERY hard. I have also chose not to drink any soda at work this week which was great. Instead I had a few vitamin waters, poland spring, and ofcourse my smoothies. I think that I have been doing a great job making small, healthier, choices and I look forward to weighing myself and seeing some pounds drop soon..... hopefully ;D

Now - let me talk about my

Yesterday I posted on my facebook that I was thinking about doing a 7 day detox diet, which everyone scrutinized and critisized. But whatever, I am still going to do it, starting next Wednesday.

But then after that I have decided I am going to challenge myself to different 14 day challenges. Here are a list of what I have come up with already:

  • 14 Days of Gluten free foods
  • 14 Days of all Water (no soda, no juice, etc)
  • 14  Days of  no Meats
  • 14 Days of no Carbohydrates
If there are any other diet fads you can think of, that I should do 14 days of, please comment.  I think it would be a great mind and control challenge for me, itll help me to lose weight, detox my body of those foods, and because its only 14 days I think I will be succesfull. I have found that long term goals do nothing for me. Short term is best so far.

Anyways - its almost noon time and I have to work 3-10 tonight so I am off to shower, toodles.

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