Wednesday, June 29, 2011

7 Day Food Detox

First, I'd like to thank Miss Haneefa for this idea. I came across it just a few minutes ago and it gave me inspiration. She has lost 6 pounds in the last 3 days since starting her seven day food detox! Kudos to her! I will be following her next 4 days to see how she does.

Thinking about doing it myself, I needed more information first. I found what seemed to be a great explanation of the 7 DAY DETOX at The Raw Divas websites, along with a 10 Day Juice Cleanse, but Im pretty sure you have to pay to get "their secret" so.....then I found a website on every DETOX diet known to man, at which gave me way too much information that it was hard to look at- so I moved on to other websites! Here is a boy that is already two months into his raw diet, which is similar to a detox diet - Easy Raw Food Detox Diet. He has a great site with ALOT of useful information but Im not going long term with this, unfortunately.

Then finally, because I couldnt find any information quickly to help me with my own 7 day detox, I went to the same site that Miss Haneefa found found her information, over at Toca Reno's Blogspot. Which is great!

Here is a run down of the 7 day detox diet:

Days 1 and 2: Stick to Liquids
Water, lemon squeezed water, herbal teas, juicy leafed greens, or bone broth.

Days 3 to 7:  Brown rice, Fruits, and Veggies
You can add up to 1 cup of brown through out the day. Try to eat organic produce/fruits. And only healthy oils like olive, avocado, or coconut oil. Eat portion sized meals as large as your hand. Do this 6 times a day, which will give you 6 small meals per day.

Tips:  Consider herbs and supplements. And alot of vitamin c. 

Now, Im just trying to decide WHEN I actually want to DO this! Part of me says, start today? Why put it off another day? Isn't that how we all fail? Because we put things off and say, maybe tomorrow? The only problem is - starting on my day off which is Friday, I will have a short 5 day vacation. Do I really wanna go through out the 4th of July weekend and my mini vacation starving and depriving myself of what I love? No. Thats why I think I should start next Wednesday. And then..... starting on July 17th I am participating in a 14 Day Slimdown in my city with an old friend who works for Herbalife that will be our weightloss coach. I am really excited. Although, fourteen days doesnt seem like enough time for me to lose weight. But I suppose if I do the 7 day detox next week - itll give me a great kick off :)

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the hubby and I this year. Taken in April at his father's wedding. Not too often will PJ pose for a picture with me, so I really love these photos. I think I look great, until I look down at my thunder thighs! Uggggh. I just hate my thighs and these pictures will serve as inspiration to lose weight. So I just wanted to share them with y'all :)

This is me - weight 273ish at 5 feet tall and 4 inches

This will be a great time for me to start the 7 day detox (on Wednesday, July 6th. Because then - on Sunday, July 17th)  I am also starting my 14 Day Weightloss Challenge with an old friend, Chanel, an Herbalife constributor and weightloss coach.


  1. Hey! I am so happy that I inspired you, I know that you can do it and I wish you all the best!

  2. Felicity, the haters is why I keep my stuff to myself (or write about it in my blog). I have had haters the whole way along this weight loss journey. People who tell me that I do not need to lose weight (bitch, I am obese), or people who tell me that I look sick. I just tell people to mind there own business. Smile and shake it off. This is what I need to do to get myself back on track, if you want to join me you can if not please keep your comments to yourself.
    I think that you are doing a great job and this will be a great jump start to your weight loss. It is not going to be easy but I know that you can do it.
    As for how I am going to keep the weight of after, I am going to work out a plan for the next few days. I have Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet book and I think that I am going to look that over and make a plan. i will share it on my blog.

    Good Luck!

  3. Thanks girl! I cant wait to start next week and see what happens. I will be blogging about it every day too.


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