Thursday, July 1, 2010

8 Week Weigh - In

Starting Weight - 277 lbs
Current Weight - 260 lbs
First Mini Goal - 250 lbs
17 lb Loss in 8 Weeks

So today was my 8th week weigh in and I was down 1 lb. Which kind of bummed me out cause when I weighed in early yesterday morning I was down almost 3 lbs. (Must of been the candy I ate at lunch and the burger I had for dinner lastnight. Ohwell, no one's perfect.) I just cant wait to get to my first mini goal, which is now only 10 lbs away. I finally feel like losing weight doesnt seem so impossible anymore. And it isnt even torturous. I am fine without soda, fast food, and junk. I eat lots of delicious healthier foods instead! And Im so anxious to go out & buy some running sneakers and new work-out clothes soon. I think that will motivate me even more to go walking daily, or to pass by the gym with my friend from work. I dont have a gym membership anymore, and even the cheapest gym is too expensive for me right now. So Im just looking forward to getting married, buying a new car, and getting a membership again. If I am losing 1-3 lbs a week just by changing my diet I cant even imagine how much weight I would lose from exercising daily. I am so excited. This new lifestyle change has really made me happier lately, I feel so much better about myself. Im kind of bummed I didnt take an "official" before picture at 277 lbs but here is me at 260 in the mirror this morning. The best I could get since PJ was too lazy to take one for me, lol. Mind you, I have no bra on so I am saggy as a 90 year old woman. But you get the drift  - you can see my 2 rolls there!!!!

My theory is that when you think/feel hott that you will obviously have more motivation & energy to do something you were once dreading. For instance, I would much rather go out walking or exercising in some brand new sneakers and gear, than my old run down Skechers and sweats!!!! I think that's what is holding me back. Why would I wanna job or walk the beach in some old crappy clothes? Embaressing!!!!

So.... what do you wear when you are exercising?
And do you feel better about yourself doing it when you think you are dressed in something cute and comfy??

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