Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jillian Michael's 30 Minute SHRED Workout

Day 13:
It's My Day Off, Wahoo!
I love having days off during the week. I get to sleep late and let PJ take the car. When I wake up it's the same old routine- make the bed, take out the dogs, get them food, light some candles, clean the kitchen, and vaccuum living room. Then ofcourse I hop on the computer! Not before I hit the bathroom and decided to weigh myself again. By the way.... just an update from my last post. I did buy a scale to double check my weight- seeing how the scale at work gave me a few different numbers. So I came home the day I bought the scale & it still said 268 so that was good. Now, today the scale says 265 which means I have lost 6 lbs altogether since I have started. Which makes me very happy. It has been raining all week and I havent had a moment to walk the beach- but today looks pretty sunny and Im going to force myself at some point.

Everyday things get easier. Eating healthier isnt all that hard. When I wake up in the morning I have a big glass of V8. If I eat breakfast it's usually on the run because I have been working alot of mornings so I usually bring a yogurt and a 90calorie Special K bar. If Im home I have oatmeal or eggs. I need to buy some cereal this week. Wish they had oatmeal to go, kind of like.... oodle's of noodle's cup?! That would be fabulous!!! For lunch I have a salad or a sandwhich with crackers or tortilla chips. And I make sure that I am counting my calories & eating the right portion amount. I have been drinking as much water as I can stand at work, when Im not drinking water I have Vitamin Water or Green Tea (which doesnt taste all that great but I know its really good for me) When I snack I have cereal bars or an Apple or two. For dinner I try to incorporate salad into it if I havent had any yet that day- but I definately need something big and delicious. So I have steak, or chicken, or pork and lots of veggies. So far so Good I guess, right? And since it's my day off I am going to a little work out session.....

Jillian Michael's 30 Minute Shred Day 1
Exercise is important. Losing weight just by cutting out soda is awesome but it's not going to help me lose 72 lbs. I love the biggest loser. Everyone thinks that Jillian is such a bitch and so mean but she really isnt. She is a great fitness trainer. And so is Bob (we all love him right?) I have comcast and it comes with ON DEMAND & Jillian Michael's has a handful of videos on there that I can do right from home. So today I decided to try her "30 Minute Shred, Day 1" exercise video. And boy, did it kick my ass! You can see some of it on You-Tube.

The video included upper arm & leg strengthening, jumping jacks, butt kicks, boxing, crunches, push ups, and some other sort of different lunges I dont know the names of. Ofcourse I couldnt even do more than 1 push up, and laying on the floor in my house trying to do crunches hurt my lower back so I decided not to do them. But everything else I tried to the best of my ability. On Demand comes with 2 free videos of the SHRED session- would love to just have the money to sign up to her website and do all her videos. My next one will be the 2nd session.... and then I am going to try Bob's :)

Apartment Hunting
Onto a different subject. Although we have an adorable place, it is just a studio. And sometime we want to have people over and it's embaressing when they see our house, and they sit on our couch, and can see our (love-making) bed (haha) and all our clothes cause we dont have a closet. So I have just been checking out other places on Craigslist. Trying to find something cheaper, but bigger. And you would think that isnt possible. But we pay $900 for a studio now- and tonight we are looking at a small 3 bedroom for $850. I actually looked at it about a week ago with my sister-in-law, but she didnt want it. So I am taking PJ over there to see if he likes it. It's really nice and still on the beach and you can see the ocean from the deck! Im also looking for a bigger kitchen. We dont have ANY counter space here and I need some more. We have looked at like 3-4 places already. One was a crack shack, one the lady rushed us out because she was ritzy and she probably judged us because we have tattoos, and the other was too small (which now my aunt is moving into and I cannot wait) So the search goes on....

Here are some pictures of my place now just for fun!


  1. Appartment Hunting Sucks, although it seems like you arnt having that hard of a time with it.

    And I am really glad your seeing success with the weight loss. Thats Awesome, Keep up the good work.

  2. Well done on your weight loss!! And I love your photos of your home! Lovely decking and fall decorations!! Wish we had an area like that! :-D

  3. can i just say how much i am LOVING your page? your layout is so cute!

    thanks for checking out my page and following, and if you ever need to talk, or just to talk for the sake of talking, i'm never more than an email or im away. i'm also on facebook.

  4. Hello! Just wandered over here from reading another blog. Just wanted to say that Quaker makes "to-go" cups of oatmeal. They are called Quaker Express and they are just like the noodle cups. Anyways, take care!



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