Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[ Bedroom ] Make Over!

BEFORE my bedroom was just a drab collection of things that were thrown together. My headboard from 15 years ago, a cozy but country bed set that my mom gave us, and a few miss-matched throw pillows to top it off. 

AFTER my bedroom has become an elegant, classy, comfortable place to rest our heads.

The inspiration for the room was damask and romantic. I found this bundle of stuff at Target. The comforter set was on clearance from $120 to $60, the tables were quite expensive but hubby let me splurge on them at $90 each! I knew that we ordered a white faux leather headboard and frame set (from, free ship to store which is amazing and well worth it. Cheapest bed set price I found any where) So the white & teal throw pillows at $10 each were okay. I also got that cute little chandelier lamp from the little girl's section on clearance for $12. And a cute little candle jar which was also on clearance for $9. 

The rod iron piece that is above our headboard came from C.W. Price, which is the old A.J. Wright. The same owner of T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods- just a little more ghetto. I actually got it from the "outdoor" section as it's meant to be used in a garden but as soon as I saw it I had this vision and it played out perfectly :)

The pictures of PJ and I were actually taken in one of these picture booths in the mall on one of our first dates, where you can choose what kind of sketch you want. I placed a white piece of paper behind them and framed them in black - which gave them a more "classy" feel. The picture to the left of them we found at The Christmas Tree shop for like $10. It's more of an inspirational piece than romantic, but it's okay for now. These are both set up above our flat screen tv at the foot of our bed.

The floor lamp we got at Big Lots for $40 which is actually more than what I would have spent on a lamp but because hubby thought it was a good deal, I wasn't going to argue with him (its very rare that he thinks something is worth spending money on). The curtains are a brown & teal striped, cotton, feel. They were also on clearance at The Christmas Tree shop. Each panel came separate, which you can't see here... lol.... but I actually bought two different sized. One short and one long. So one of them needs to be cut and hemmed, a project I'll send over to my mother and her nifty sewing machine!!!

The bed set we found on, which I have never used before - but would totally recommend it. It was easy to order and pay for online, free shipping from the web site to a store near you, and easy pick up. The bed itself consisted of white faux leather head board, foot board, and 2 side rails. For a king size it was pretty cheap compared to other local places I checked out -

Metro Lifestyle King Faux-Leather Low Profile Bed- $350
King size Sleep Inc. Easy to Assemble Universal Foundation (box spring) - $159
King size Spa Sensations 8" Memory Foam Mattress - $269


It took three separate days for everything to ship. The first thing that came in was the mattress, then the box spring, then finally the entire bed. It came in 6 boxes total. All of them fit right in the back of my ford explorer, and my husband put it all together in about 2 hours. 

Turns out that we probably didn't even need to order a box spring. Because we got a low profile bed, so the mattress can go right on top of the wood that the bed itself came with, but since we already ordered the box spring we decided to use it. The bed is just a little higher than it should be and my chubby dogs have a harder time getting up on it, so we have to buy an ottoman or steps this weekend. Over all, I never had a memory foam before or a KING sized bed - so we are VERY happy. 

The next project is to get rid of the shitty black desk we have, I would like to find an old white, antique, or wooden one some where. And paint the black snake skin beraeu we have to white and teal to match the decor of the bedroom. Pictures will be posted as I finish.... 

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