Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Better Spirits & Delicious Food!

First, I'd like to say thank you to a few girls that commented on a post I had put up a few days ago. I was really in a bad state of physical being and even yesterday, I had a horrible day at work. I was emotionally down and out, I even broke down crying in the bathroom during my lunch break. I have alot of things going on behind the scenes at home and my husband and I are just trying to straighten out our credit and get things back in order. But it seems sometimes that good things don't happen fast enough to those of us that deserve them. Needless to say, when I read your comments today I felt so blessed that someone had read what I wrote and actually taken a minute (not only to pray for me) but to reach out and say hello, and to offer me to feel better. Even far away, strangers to one another, and behind a screen... I am greatful - and it touched my heart <3 thank you.

Today though I must say I was in a more chipper mood. For those of you who are just "following" me and don't actually "know" me. I am the clown of the bunch. I am constantly sarcastic, or telling a completely made up story just to one-up somebody as a joke, or to make you laugh. I will burst out in song and dance out of no where and reach out my hand to anyone in need. Today was one of those days that I spent taunting my co-workers in the pharmacy and flirting with all my elderly customers. I had a great day.

I have even been contemplating going back to school.
Although I have known for awhile now that I want to, I just was indecisive about what. I did a Medical Assistance course back in 2004 and then recently did some online classes (at a sketchy school in Iowa) towards my Bachelor's in healthcare. Which I dropped out due to mis-communication factors on their part. Now, here I am wanting to go back again. My pharmacist and my bff James (who is also my pharmacy supervisor, kind of) pretty much talked me into pharmacy school. I had thought about it before, but it seemed just like a  DREAM. It seemed like something too unnatainable for me. Because how could I possibly work full time, take care of a husband, house, and dogs, and go to school full time too? Crazy. But then I was told that I could probably get a loan big enough to live off of, while I am in school. So... here's my thoughts - I could do could all my pre-requisites done at the local community college in town that would take me about 2 years, and continue working full time at CVS. And then I can apply to Pharmacy school toward the accellerated program which is only 3 years. And although its about an hour away, maybe by then I will have a not-so-shitbox-car and a loan to help me pay my rent so I won't have to work as much, or at all. And after 3 years of pharm-d school I will graduate and make over $100,000 a year! Yes! That's it! I got it all figured out. Doesnt seem too bad now does it? Speaking of pharmacy stuff... here's some pictures of James and I at work late lastnight......

And just an update about my weightloss.
So I started my journey (again) at 278 at the end of June (I think it was the 26th). I quit soda, changed my eating habits, and lost 14 lbs right off the bat within 20 days and got down to 263. In the past two weeks I have watched the weight go on, day by day, pound by pound. Now - for the past 4 days I have been at 268. My pharmacist {who is literally just like Jillian Michaels. She is my health expert and food advisor and weightloss motivator} told me that its probably just water weight cause I've been PMSing and finally have my period now. I did have a few days where I failed :( I had Mcdonalds twice, a few sodas, and some french fries at the theme park. But besides that, over all, I have been eating really well and drinking water daily at work vs the usual soda or juice. I was doing a really good job using either my FitnessPal app on my android, or logging via Livestrong, but I've been slacking & haven't been counting calories. But I've still been photo-capturing everything.

So here are some pictures of what I've been eating lately...


And... like I said, have been drinking way more water than usual. Eating alot of peanut butter and apples too. I think that is my favorite snack. It's very thirst-and-crunch-quenching! I haven't incorporated any exercise yet into my weightloss. Although I am very determined quite honestly I WANT TO! I can't use my body pain & problems as an excuse, but they truly are. As well as it being 100 degrees here in Mass on most days - I can't really go outside. I have gotten in alot of walking & swimming though. And plan on trying to jog (or something similar) in the fall. I will be joining the gym as soon as we have some money to spare, we are literally b-r-o-k-e. No lie. Literally broke. But anyways....

We also don't have the internet or cable. I {very luckily} can get a connection off someone else with my wireless usually, and get about 10 basic cable channels cause we live in an apartment complex. So I've been missing all my reality shows and watching sitcoms and the news alot alot alot, and I cannot tell you how much I miss it all. I have also been summonsed (spelling?) to court to pay for an outstanding $4,000.00 ambulance bill (around the time I lost the baby last year) but I had insurance but supposably the hospital & e.m.t service that was used was "out of network" so now I have to worry about that and paying back some owed taxes from the beginning of the year as well. Ugg, I need to play the lotto......

Anyways - this never usually happens to me, but my wrists hurt from typing, good night.


  1. Please do not tell me you are talking about Ashford Univ....I have read really good reviews on them and a few bad. What was your experience?

  2. Yes it was Ashford.

    First let me say though, their accelerated programs (getting a bachelor's in just 3 years for instance) seemed great. The online classes worked for me, although it was {alot} of work. And classes with them just are run-on, there are no breaks, so it is tough. But.... I enjoyed it. I took English comp, and psychology 101 & 102.

    But they let me start classes BEFORE I got financial aid and then what was supposed to be a 2 month process to get approved for my loans through them, ended up a 6 months process. The financial advisor I had SUCKED, he would not return my calls or my emails for weeks at a time. He kept denying the papers I turned in saying they were not right, when several times the IRS contacted him, and I, to say that they are the only legal documents they provide towards student loans & schools. None of the people who work there are actually in the same place. It is a phone service. My first academic advisor lived in California, and my second academic advisor was in the south. Not to mention, my financial advisor was m.i.a. The first person to assist me with my paperwork quit and threw my stuff away, so for months they had no records of me.

    It was just a nightmare. Finally, after I decided to resign from the school, 2 weeks later I got my financial aid certification letter. Needless to say, $6,000 in debt to them now because they allowed me to start school without being granted money to do so. I feel like they purposely did it and now I am forever indebted to them.

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