Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{ Free Layout } Give-Away

Time for my first Give-Away!
Because I just love making layouts and I think that everyone deserves a personalized touch on their blog. I am giving away a bunch of free layouts!

All you have to do is :
Comment below that you want a free layout.
Email me {felicitymerrill at hotmail.com} with some of your favorite pictures, quotes, tagline, and blog's name. I have even added a few patterns below, if you like one tell me, if not I will do what I want. And trust me, Im good.

Then.... BLOG about me! Either before or after I give you the layout. So that way other followers can come by and see me, and maybe get a free layout too. And if your blog didn't come already with one of my buttons on the sidebar, then please add it in there.

Please add this button to your sidebar or blog .
Just link back to this {give-away} .

My latest layout designed for Tricia over at Patti Cakes


  1. Hey, I got your message. I LOVE your blog. It looks marvelous so I know I'd love your work. I'm not looking to jazz up my blog right now (maybe when I'm at goal?), but I will HAPPILY request a button from you to place on my page that I can link to your blog. It's like a free advertisement for you to help you on your new endeavor. How's that sound? :)

  2. Hi, it's me Jackie S., I got your message, and thanks for the offer :) I'm really happy with my page layout right now, but I'll definitely keep you in mind for a future change. You can email me a button, and I'd love to add it to my blog page, just email me to my contact email address on my blog.

    Thanks :)

  3. I would LOVE a spiffy new blog. Here's my first comment linking to my tweet on twitter! http://twitter.com/#!/crzbeautifulife

    I couldn't find your twitter name anywhere on your page to tag you in it. Sorry :(

  4. Here's my second comment...
    I would love a new layout because I don't feel like any of the default blogger ones really express my personality. I used to be able to do a little bit in terms of web-design. I could open up photoshop and make a graphic, and then tweek a myspace layout to incorporate it. However, I've forgotten how to do ALL of that. I just want something that I can be proud of. My favorite pattern on your button is number 2. I'd like a blog that incorporated pink, orange, and white, and also my tagline "I'm in love alright, with my crazy, beautiful life".

    I'll be sure to spread the love on my blog as well!

  5. Katie and Jill, you're both getting new jazzy layouts. Ill email you later today!

  6. Hey thanks for the offer! I like my layout though, I am also fluent in html, I so yeah I like my layout thanks though!

  7. I'd be interested...while i love the layout that was done for me I'd like something a bit more snazzy. www.mommywantstoread.blogspot.com

    mommywantstoread at gmail dot com

  8. Hi Felicity! Thanks for following my blog! I had once tried to change the layout to something not blogspot designed (got some HTML code from a random website) and it messed everything up. Or maybe it didn't mess anything up, but once everything was changed, I had no idea how to work with it, lol. So even though I would LOVE a personalized blog layout... I'm a little afraid to do so just because then I'd be afraid of messing things up, lol. I will try to write a post about tips for losing weight. The baby is sleeping so hopefully I can squeeze in a quick blog-post! If in 2 hours it's not there... then the baby woke up before I was able to finish.

  9. I am interested because my blog needs some TLC. I know in the past I tried to do it myself and totally messed it up. I will send you a e-mail today with some info and blog about your giveaway today.


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