Monday, July 4, 2011

Cheetah Top & Cute Shoes!

Shop-a-Holic. Well, not so much since I've been poor. Normally it's hard for me to hold on to a buck. Like, literally. I am one of those people who... would spend down to my last 25 cents, even if it was just on a lousy piece of candy! Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those shop-a-holics that would let my electricity get shut off or  become evicted just to go out and blow some money. Rent, gas in the car, food, and bills. That's my list of priorities, in order. But every now and again I do deserve to go out and buy things ( that I don't need. ) Like a new purse, some sexy panties, or a cute pair of shoes.

Although yesterday was not any particular day that money fell from a tree right into my pocket. I actually made the choice to cash in some gold. I had some old broken bracelets and earrings that were just beyond repair and soaking up space in my jewelry box, which is crowded already. So my husband and I brought it to Pawn Mart in Plaistow and they gave me over a hundred dollars. Which was great, I thought Id only get a meesely fifty bucks for it, so I was happy. Hubby got some money for a new game, we put money into the gas tank, a few bucks towards food and we paid our rent. What was left over was mine to b l o w.

KOHL'S here I come!

I have a few tops that I need a strapless bra for, which... being a 40DD- wearing a strapless bra has never been easy (or easy to find or comfy to wear.) But I really really really wanted to wear these shirts this summer! So, I invested in a new bra. It fits, it doesn't fall down, and you can actually wear the straps in 3 different styles. And I also bought this fabulous CHEETAH top.

Then, I realized that I had a coupon to AVENUE for an extra 30% off because of The Fourth of July. So I went over to see if there was anything I liked, and to be honest, there wasn't. Most of it was not my style, a little more "elderly" and "bland" for me. So I went next door to Marshall's. Where I found an amazing pair of sandals. I knew I didn't wanna spend more than $20 on a pair of sandals and it worked out cause these Dollhouse ones, were only $16.99 and I also bought a flowy, hippy-like, black, layered, beachy, skirt... which my husband haaaattteeeeessss LOL

The shoes on the left are the ones I bought and the ones on the right were hand-me-down's from my cousin's ex roomate. Which - if you can't tell, they tie up the ankle... so I fell in love with them immediately and didn't mind that they were second hand.

{ And these are just a few flicks of me  in my new cheetah top and cute shoes }

Im kind of hoping that I can make shopping a regular thing. It's been a really long time since I've been able to go out and spend pointless money and it felt really good. And most importantly, I felt really good wearing my new stuff. I know that it's impossible until our bills are reduced or one of us gets a pay increase, but a girl can always W I S H right ;) Maybe Ill explore some consignment shops and document my journeys here....

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