Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why Am I So Addicted?

To Fast Food...
I did so good today. I had a light breakfast, had a late lunch at work- even munched on some baby carrots (which Im trying to adapt to) rather than the donuts that someone brought in for us. Boston creme was staring me in the face just daring me to eat it. Instead I took a morsel out of James' blueberry donut. One of our amazing pharmacists Alison ( who is like my trainer / motivator / go green gal ) had us all working out in between scripts. We did some wall-squats. I think thats what they are called. Where you put your back against the wall and squat down and hold yourself in a sitting position as long as possible. I went 45 seconds & felt like my head was going to pop off! Then we did a few other things, not sure of the name.

Needless to say, the minute I left work- we went to Wendy's and got dinner. And it was MY idea. I dont even know why. I am just so used to grabbing fast food when we have the money and no energy late night to make dinner. PJ worked over 9 hours today and I worked 9 hours so it was so easy to just grab a #1. Which after counting on Livestrong is around 1200 damn calories. And I am so ashamed right now. I just dont understand why I am so addicted to this shit. Cuz thats what it is, is shit. Why can't I just force myself to say NO. Or not even go there in the first place? I have done so good I just dissapointed myself. And the minute I said, "lets get Wendys" I knew that I would feel this way and I still couldnt stop myself..... ugg. Ohwell what can ya do? Guess Ill just have to have less calories tomorrow and since I am only working till 6 do an intense workout video On-Demand.

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