Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Delicious Dinner!

Day 4:
Am I supposed to feel any better, or any different, after going 4 days without any soda and junkfood? Cause I don't. I feel just the same. And although I have been counting my calories on LIVE STRONG, I never kept track of my calories before so Im wondering if it's been a big difference? I am trying to cut back & only eating 2,000 calories a day. But how many did I eat before anyways? I went for that jog/walk yesterday but today is my day off from work, and even though I have like..... all day to myself, I am feeling too lazy to go out walking. Plus, it's pretty cold outside! The ocean breeze is harsh. Will I lose anything at all just from dropping soda, fast food, and junk? Or do I have to exercise too? Obviously I know how important it is, but this is a big enough transition already and I'm just trying to do a good job without killing myself the first week.
( UPDATE: PJ and I walked the dogs for a half an hour up the beach after dinner- my calfs were killing me from the day's before walk/jog )

Onto something better. I realized that when I went grocery shopping on Friday, I bought all the right things except FRUIT! What was I thinking? Besides my yogurt I am not eating any fruit. That's bad. One of my pharmacist's ( at work ) suggested just to eat an apple a day & I find that funny because I came across this posting today....

You know that saying "An apple a Day......." -- well it's true!
But it's even better than you thought. An apple a day doesnt just keep the doctor away. It keeps your fatty jeans away too. The apple is one of the best weight loss tools in the world. Not only is it full of essential nutrients and vitamins, its low in calories and dense enough to keep your hunger off for awhile. And it also comes in 100s of tastey varieties! Best thing about an apple for a woman- just pop one in your purse and you have a delicious, healthy, snack for a hunger emergency.

Hamburg Salad!
So it is 5:30 p.m. and I was feeling bad for PJ a little bit; about making him eat healthy too- due to the fact we did not buy ANY processed or frozen foods this week. There are no pizzas, corndogs, french fries, chicken fingers, or other fatty, fried, luxuries for him to dine or snack on. So he has been a little bit on edge ( to say the least. )  I decided to turn one of our favorite's into a delicious, healthier meal. We just love to eat hamburger. Wether it be a big, fat, juicy, burger or scrambled burger- thrown on a delicious subroll or bun.

I threw together a big salad ( you can see my recipe here & many more ) with romain lettuce, pickels, cucumbers, green peppers, real bacon peices (better than bacon bits) I then scrambled up some 93% Lean Hamburger meat. When it was finished I drained the grease, poured about 2oz of hamburger on top of each salad, and shredded some extra sharp cheddar cheese. I should have taken a picture but my camera battery is dead. Needless to say- 2oz (equal to 2 hamburger patties) was a bit too much, well actually, the salad was too big overall & I let my dogs finish the rest. But it was delicious & calculating it on LIVE STRONG it only turned out to be a bit over 300 calories. And PJ was happy, which is most important <3

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  1. They say the first wk or so will be hard because you are getting all the toxins out of your body.. give it time and you will feel more energetic,, i was walking and after a month i could walk longer and breath better i got soo much energy,, dont give up you wont feel lazy for long!! GOOD JOB!!! i am in the same boat with you


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